The Common Core Language strand includes four domains—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Common Core also emphasizes two objectives of grammar instruction—accuracy and consistency. The standards state that students “…must gain control over many conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics, as well as learn other ways to use language to convey meaning…” Many of the standards in the Language strand require students to have a clear understanding of all parts of speech, as well as choose words and phrases to convey ideas precisely.

In order to prepare students to meet the grammar requirements of accuracy and consistency, teachers need specific educational resources. The five books in our Parts of Speech SeriesTM are excellent instructional resources for students to attain mastery of grammar, language usage, and the ability to convey meaning through oral and written communication.

Now that Common Core has been implemented, teachers will also need access to materials that span the grade levels, so that students in higher levels, who were unable to master grammar fluency in lower levels, are given the instruction they need. The materials a teacher chooses must also allow students to develop grammatical fluency across all four Common Core domains—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Parts of Speech Series supports these needs as well, spanning grade levels 3-8.

The five books in the Parts of Speech Series not only promote and develop mastery of the essential parts of speech, they also foster the skills necessary for students to apply these skills across the four domains specified in the Common Core standards—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Communication skills are a real-world necessity, especially in the competitive technological age in which today’s students must one day thrive—another reason the Parts of Speech Series is a vital component of the 21st century classroom.

The self-guided lessons in the five books in the Parts of Speech Series provide flexibility for various forms of instruction. They are also appropriate for after-school, summer school, parent support, and tutoring programs. Check out our product page to learn more about how this series equips students with the core language skills they need to succeed across all curriculum content areas.