Our Team

Deborah Adcock
Our president, Deborah Adcock sets the vision and course for Newton Education Group. After becoming disheartened with the economics of publishing that create low quality, yet highly-marketed, student texts led her to form our collaborative, Newton Education Group, in 2013. Deborah has developed and authored several best selling reading, math, and assessment programs for major educational publishers for over 20 years.

Robert Forest, Ed.D.
Our senior advisor and most prolific author, Robert Forest spent 30 years in education as an elementary school teacher and administrator. He has also authored several reading, language arts, and test prep programs, generating millions in sales for some of the leading supplemental publishers. Robert has always had one foot in educational publishing, first as a teacher and later after retirement when he was named Publisher of one of the most successful educational publishing houses in the Northeast. As one of our most creative authors and advisors, Robert was a key component of the Newton Education Group team and will forever by sorely missed since his passing in 2015

Patrick Adcock, B.S.; M.A.
Our senior content editor and contributing author, Patrick Adcock is also a high-school science teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Journalism.  He teaches Honors Biology, Chemistry, and Forensics to students in grades 9–12. Patrick brings the same enthusiasm and expertise he displays in the classroom to each and every product we produce, particularly with his strong background in the sciences and language arts. Patrick has worked as a freelance editor and writer for several educational publishers, beginning his career while still in college. Patrick brings a keen eye and inspired insights to every product we develop, allowing us to uphold our high standards of quality.