CORE Connections™ Math

Grades 3–5
On-level daily practice with Common Core Math Standards
Less than 99¢ per student!

CORE Connections Math gives students daily Common Core practice.  Students apply problem-solving strategies in these self-guided, on-level resource books. Hints and strategies are provided throughout to offer guidance and prompt critical thinking.   Each book strengthens and reinforces math awareness, problem-solving, reasoning and critical-thinking skills. Practice with Common Core methods and applications include open-response items and models of well-constructed answers.

  • Perfect for off-leveling to strengthen skills or provide additional challenge
  • Opportunities for cooperative learning, strategizing,and justifying responses
  • Flexible applications including, differentiated instruction, adaptive learning, targeted skill development, and self-guided instruction

CORE Connections Math is the perfect companion to QUICK SMART™ Math: A Glossary and Resource for Common Core Success.

CORE Connections Math
Level 3

CORE Connections Math
Level 4

CORE Connections Math
Level 5


CORE Connections Math provides daily practice with targeted, grade-level concepts that support the Common Core Standards and provide tips and strategies for developing problem-solving skills.

Grades 3-8

Each book includes:

  • 180 math problems, one per school day
  • Practice with open-ended responses
  • Tips and hints throughout
  • Opportunities for individual and group experiences
  • Answer Key

CORE Connections™ Math Level 3

CORE Connections™ Math Level 4


CORE Connections™ Math Level 5

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