Grades 3–8
An essential student resource for mastering CCSS Math standards

This comprehensive resource provides all students need to know to master the Common Core math standards, from understanding essential terms to detailing the concepts and applications of each standard. Students also gain confidence in their ability to meet the expectations of CCSS and other forms of standardized testing.

Research shows that students who understand performance expectations are more likely to achieve mastery of necessary skills and take ownership of their learning experiences. 


Each book in the QUICK SMART™ Math Series includes—

  • a glossary with expanded definitions that provide context for essential math terms
  • inquiry-based, independent math investigations
  • practice with CCSS test items, including open-responses items.
  • models of well-constructed responses to open-response questions
  • test-taking tips and strategies
  • practice with 10 key math strategies (find a pattern, work backward, etc)
  • a guide to understanding CCSS test items as well as other standardized tests

Students will discover that QUICK SMART™ Math is an essential resource for years to come.
Our best-selling companion to CORE Connections Math

QUICK SMART™ Math: A Glossary and Resource for Common Core Success

  • Level 1: Grades 3-5 (80 pages)
  • Level 2: Grades 6-8 (80 pages)
quicksmart-math-level-1-smQUICK SMART Math Level 1
quicksmart-math-level-2-smQUICK SMART Math Level 2
quick-smart-math-setQUICK SMART Math,
Levels 1 and 2

Level 1

Glossary of Math Terms

  • Math terms are arranged in alphabetical order. Each entry contains an expanded definition that uses examples and most use illustrations to provide further context and understanding.
  • Icons follow each math term to indicate the area of geographic study related to the term.
  • Words that appear in a definition and are defined elsewhere in the Glossary appear in italics, including other forms of the defined word. Pages indicating related information are referenced within many definitions.

A Student Guide to Common Core
Research shows that understanding academic expectations improves student performance. So why not provide students with the information they need about Common Core practices and expectations at each grade level?  Students learn what skills and concepts are expected in grades 3-5, as well as how to develop specific problem-solving practices that building math reasoning and critical thinking.

Strategies for Problem Solving
Students are introduced to 4-Steps for Problem Solving, which helps build essential math habits and metacognitive processes, and also correlates to Common Core math practices.  Students are also provided with information about how and when to use the 10 most common problem-solving strategies, such as Find a Pattern, Make an Organized List, Work Backward, etc.

Guided Discovery
Students are introduced to a math fact and the underlying concepts before beginning their own related independent investigations for specific, inquiry-based tasks.

Independent Math Investigations
Student work independently to explore high-interest, real-world math topics, from finding examples of symmetry in nature to exploring the geometry of street maps.

Testing Taking Strategies
Students are introduced to math-specific test-taking strategies for a variety of testing formats, including multiple choice and written response items (open-ended and open response). Students also work with models of well-constructed written responses to formulate their own.

Answer Key


View the Common Core Correlations for the QUICK SMART Math series.

QUICK SMART™ Math, Level 1

QUICK SMART™ Math, Level 2

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