Sound Bites: Phonics for Early Readers

Grades 1–4
Our latest series for emergent and at-risk readers 
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Our research-based Sound Bites Phonics Series is designed to help emergent and at-risk readers through phonetic skill building. Sound Bites utilizes high-frequency words to guide students through phonetic awareness of the relationship between letters and sounds and the words they make.

Each book is the Sound Bites series is designed for students in grades 1-4.  Sound Bites can also be used with older students who need further reinforcement in phonetic skill building, but at a gentler pace.


Well-suited for ELL Instruction

Sound Bites consists of the following three books:

  • Book 1: Consonants
  • Book 2: Vowels (with Diphthongs and R-controlled Vowels)
  • Book 3: Consonant Blends and Digraphs
  • Book 4:  Endings (Coming Soon)

Lessons are self-guided, providing  the necessary flexibility to integrate Sound Bites into any instructional program. Sounds Bites is also perfect for group instruction and individualized instruction, including:

  • Beginning readers—small or whole group instruction
  • At-risk and challenged readers—small or whole group instruction.
  • All readers—individualized instruction

Sound Bites is also well-suited for:

  • summer school instruction to foster skill development
  • parents and children to reinforce decoding skills and build reading proficiency
  • ELL students who need further development of reading comprehension and essential decoding skills

Sounds Bites is an on-going student resource — as student encounter new words, they add them to the corresponding lesson of each book.  In this way, students regularly review and expand their phonemic awareness.

sound-bites-consonants-smBook 1: Consonants
sound-bites-vowels-smBook 2: Vowels
sound-bites-blends-smBook 3: Consonant Blends

The Sound Bites Series is comprised of three books:

32 self-guided lessons focusing on:

  • Consonant Blends
  • Consonant Digraphs

Consonants and Blends
21 self-guided lessons focusing on:

  • Consonants and Their Sounds
  • Silent Consonants

18 Lessons self-guided lessons focusing on:

  • Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels
  • Vowel Diphthongs
  • R-controlled Vowels
  • Differing Sounds

Research complied by the National Reading Panel has determined that phonics is an essential part of beginning reading instruction. Their findings show that phonics instruction—

  • improves student’s word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.
  • predominantly benefits students experiencing difficulty learning to read.

Phonics instruction is only one part of a complete reading program for beginning readers. Effective beginning reading programs should also emphasize reading fluency, vocabulary development, and text comprehension, such as The Parts of Speech Series and Word Builders.


Consonant Blends

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