Study Skills: 50 Strategies for Success

Grades 3–8

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Research shows that practicing study skills helps students develop the necessary processes for metacognition—the self-awareness of how one thinks and how one learns. Students who regularly use metacognitive techniques are more likely to select and apply appropriate strategies for learning.

Each level of Study Skills: 50 Strategies for Success develops essential metacognitive processes that improve organizational skills, build reading comprehension, and foster academic confidence.  Our self-guided lessons that are easily implemented into any curriculum.

Students who effectively apply study-skills strategies are shown to:

  • Engage more fully in classroom activities
  • Experience higher levels of self-esteem
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Choose from a variety of strategies to complete assignments
  • Apply self-monitoring behaviors
  • Employ strategies that complement their unique learning style

Indicators that students need to develop study skills include: 

  • Taking incomplete, incorrect, or difficult to understand notes
  • Difficulty identifying what information within a reading passage or lecture is important
  • Putting off, forgetting, or giving inadequate attention to assignments
  • Difficulty managing large projects or breaking a task or project into manageable parts

Self-guided lessons provide practice and reinforcement of essential classroom skills, including —

  • Note taking
  • Goal setting
  • Writing assignments
  • Managing homework
  • Planning with a monthly calendar
  • Creating written and oral presentations
  • Applying test-taking strategies
  • Applying personal learning styles
  • Managing short-term and long-term assignments
  • Level 1: Grades 3–5 (80 pages)
    Also appropriate for older students who need more skill-building while working at a gentler pace.
  • Level 2: Grades 6–8 (80 pages)
    Also appropriate for younger students who need more skill-building. Level 2 builds off of Level 1, providing greater challenge while extending concepts.

Click here for our free downloadable Study Skills Assessment

study-skills-level-1-smStudy Skills, Level 1
study-skills-level-2-smStudy Skills, Level 2
blankStudy Skills,
Levels 1 and 2

Study Skills, Level 1

Study Skills, Level 2

The activities in Study Skills: 50 Strategies for Success help students acquire and practice essential learning strategies that will last a lifetime.

Before beginning instruction, teachers have the option of allowing students to complete a self-assessment to determine areas where remediation is needed to target specific skills.

Click here for the free downloadable Study Skills Assessment

Each level of Study Skills: 50 Strategies for Success is divided into 10 units. You may choose to have students complete each unit in the order presented, or you may customize the program to meet individual student needs as indicated on the student self-assessment.

Unit 1: Strategies for the Classroom
Unit 2: Strategies for Organizing Assignments
Unit 3: Strategies for Managing Assignments
Unit 4: Strategies for Setting Goals and Priorities
Unit 5: Strategies for Homework and Time Management
Unit 6: Strategies for Note Taking
Unit 7: Strategies for Preparing Reports
Unit 8: Strategies for Using Reference Materials
Unit 9: Strategies for Test Taking
Unit 10:  Student Resources
Answer Key

The program supports:

  • Personalized learning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Learner-centered approaches

The program offers:

  • Tips and hints throughout
  • Self-guided instruction
  • Students work at own pace
  • Student resources for writing, editing, and test-taking